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Puking Statue Will Make You Feel Sick — But You Need To Look

By Eleanor Goldberg Ah, a day at the beach. Blue skies. A balmy breeze. Sand between your toes. And a seagull puking its brains out because it’s ingested far too many plastic bits. Famed marine sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor created this figure as part of a larger installation meant to convey a sense of urgency about the amount of plastic debris in the world’s oceans. Taylor partnered with the nonprofit Greenpeace to erect his disturbing installation in central London this week. The full work, called “Plasticide,” sits outside of the…

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Powerful Photos Reveal The Complex Truth About An Island Ruled By Cats

By Hilary Hanson Animal photographer Andrew Marttila says when he first heard about Japan’s “cat islands,” he knew he had to go. He’s best known for his portraits of felines and his partner, Hannah Shaw, founded the cat rescue group Kitten Lady, so it made sense for them to plan a trip. “Cat islands” — places where populations of free-roaming kitties boom in the absence of predators — have drawn growing numbers of international feline-loving tourists for several years. Photos of huge groups of cats ― like these images from…

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Facebook Goes Ballistic Over ‘Disgusting’ TSA Pat-Down Of A Young Boy

By Suzy Strutner Facebook commenters are going off over a Texas mom’s video of a disturbingly thorough pat-down her young son received at the airport. On Sunday, Jennifer Williamson and her 13-year-old son Aaron missed their flight at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport after Transportation Security Administration officers held them up for at least 45 minutes, Williamson told The Huffington Post. But it was one officer’s intimate pat-down of Aaron ― allegedly prompted by a laptop found in the boy’s bag ― that got the public’s blood boiling. The video shows…

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John Legend Takes Over Public Piano For Impromptu Gig At London Train Station

By Lee Moran John Legend stunned fans by holding an impromptu gig at a London train station on Wednesday morning. The singer-songwriter commandeered one of the public pianos at St. Pancras International station shortly after stepping off the Eurostar train from Paris, France. Crowds of passersby stopped to snap photographs and hear the soul star perform a bunch of his hits, including the 2004 smash “Ordinary People.” Watch the video here: For some, however, his appearance wasn’t entirely unexpected. Legend tipped off fans about a possible performance via Twitter just…

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This Company Will Pay You $10k To Travel The World With A Friend

By Suzy Strutner Jobs that pay for full-time travel are incredibly hard to come by. One company, however, is offering a sample of the good life with the short-term gig of your dreams. Third Home, a site that facilitates home swaps for vacation home owners, is now accepting applications for what it calls the “best job on the planet:” a three-month globetrotting stint that is fully paid. The winning applicant ― who must submit a video detailing their social media and travel chops ― will visit up to 12 of…

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