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What will it take to sink Australia’s housing market?

By Michael Janda There is a growing consensus that Australia is in a housing bubble. With higher borrowing costs and soaring household debt, a property market crash is looking increasingly likely, writes Michael Janda. Click for Full Story:

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Indigenous chamber in Parliament ‘just won’t fly’, Joyce says

By Louise Yaxley And Dan Conifer Any proposal for an Indigenous chamber of parliament would be self-defeating, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says, making the case that if you “overreach and ask for something that won’t be supported by the Australian people” it won’t fly. Click for Full Story:

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Fake news, hacking threat to democracy now on ‘unseen scale’: report

By Patrick Wood The internet and social media pose an unprecedented threat to Australia’s democratic systems and an urgent response is needed to safeguard against attacks, according to a new report. Click for Full Story:,-hacking-threat-to-democracy-now-on-unseen-scale/8567834

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Richard Hinds: Cyclone Origin, AFL’s Indigenous pride and Stosur’s great hope

By Richard Hinds What damage has Origin already done to the NRL premiership race? How good were the AFL’s Indigenous stars this weekend? And can Sam Stosur win the French Open? Richard Hinds has answers. Click for Full Story:

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Why you’re almost certainly wasting time rinsing your recycling

Many Australians are confused about what they can and can’t recycle, and whether they need to clean everything before it goes in the bin. The best plan is to check the details with your local council. Click for Full Story:

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